Hello all. Yesterday, I replaced all the preamp tubes in my 6505. I plugged it in and tested it out afterwards and it sounded gorgeous. I played a little this morning, once again..awesome. Cept now i go to turn it on and all the right lights are lit up and everything..but no sound....I checked to see if it was a screwed up cable from my guitar to amp..but nope....anyone have any ideas?
yea. i found the problem. it was a faulty preamp tube. i switched out one of the new ones and popped in an old one to target the faulty tube. i did this down the line and eventually i reached the faulty JJ which was in the middle. Luckily, the new tungsol in PI slot and JAN Phillips 5751 in V1 were not the problem... it was one of the JJ's in the middle. So I just switched out the new JJ for the 2 month old JJ from before so there is no tonal difference. gonna send the faulty one back and get a refund.