hey UG. im wondering about how much i can get for my old records. they're all in exxeclent condition and i have the sleeves for them. i checked ebay and every other resource i could find and i cant find the value of theese records.

i got...

Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland
Jimi Hendrix- Axis: Bold as Love
Led Zeppelin: 2
Led Zeppelin: 3
Led Zeppelin: houses of the holy
bob dylan (cant tell which album it is)
and a crapload of Yes albums.

anyone got any idea how much they're worth?
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a Lot!!!!!!
i will give you $5 for the houses of the holy album
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Why would you want rid of them?

Ermmm I'm not sure but there's a vinyl group on here. Don't know how active it is though.
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like seriously, do u know where i can find the exact value of them? i need money for college dude.
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depends whos buying. Over here, 60's / 70's vinyl typically sells for about 3-10 quid pending... 6-30 dollars

Look for any that say "MONO" as often some mono pressings are worth more depending

Unfortutly, all of those albums are very common.
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Scan the bob dylan cover.

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ok, i found the name of the bob dylan one. its Blood on the tracks. dont have a scanner, and i cant find an image of it on goolge, sorry.
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There was a vinyl thread in the pit like, yesterday? Search for it. You'll probably find more people in the know.
I've got a ton of these myself. I collect them, and I like decorate my room with them. I'm pretty sure my MySpace or whatever has pictures of all of them, I'm not sure though (not to plug, or anything).

If you sell them online then that's always a plus. People are willing to pay an assload of money.

But at something like an antique far or flea market (which I try to frequent for various reasons, including collecting records), people aren't going to want to pay more than a few bucks for any of them, unless they've got moderate disposable income. I saw Are You Experienced for $50. Outrageous.

And these are NOT going to pay for college, trust me. $100-$200, absolute MAXIMUM ($200 is a hell of a stretch).

Then again, that depends on your YES albums. And if you find any crazies on eBay or something willing to pay top dollar. I found Band Of Gypsys and War Heroes (the latter I doubt many of you have heard of) for like a dollar each in nearly perfect condition (nearly as in they were opened). The same goes for Led Zeppelin II, IV, and In Through The Out Door.
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