I am moving to the Nashville, TN area next month to start school and really want to get into some serious guitar lessons. I have played guitar(self taught) since I was a freshman in high school and really want to find a teacher that will take my musical knowledge and technique to the next level. I LOVE metal so a teacher more oriented in heavier styles is what I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend a teacher in the area or at least point me in the right direction? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. Thanks in advance everyone!
talk to people at belmont, if you're going to be in Nashville it should be really easy to find a good teacher.
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My Music History teacher is moving down to Nashville, and her and her husband are both going to be teaching at Belmont. Also, the metal scene in Nashville isn't terribly big, at least compared to the gigantic country they have going on. Peter Wichers is a producer in Nashville now, though, so if by some dumb luck you could get lessons from him I think that would be pretty sweet.
and to the poster above me, five links seems a little overkill, doesn't it? Though Ben Cook is great name, isn't it.
Yeah, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a good teacher around Belmont. It's a great school btw; I'm hoping to go there after high school.

And welcome to the Volunteer state!
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