I realize this probably should have been posted in the 'Customisation' forum, but figured I'd be more likely to get a reply here...

So, does anyone own a Leo Quan Badass Bridge II?

To cut a long story short.....

I bought one about a year ago, and never put it on my bass. Now, having decided to put it on, I have discovered that I have lost the screws that were supplied with the set.

I've tried using the screws from the Fender stock bridge screws (onto my Fender Aerodyne) but these are too short.

So, could anyone who owns the bridge possibly give me a measurement for the screws supplied please? I did have a look on the official website, and had a quick Google, but couldn't find anything.

It would be immensly appreciated!
I actually found that the ones supplied with the bridge were too long, so I used the stock screws. The ones that came with the Badass were somewhere between 1 and 1.5 inches, I believe.

You'll be glad once you get it on there, it really does make a difference.