I think you're better off just memorizing the board without any special stickers. If you were to rely on stickers, when you take them off things might seem a lot tougher. You might remember the stickers, and not the notes.

I strongly suggest just learning the fretboard normally, as you'll become a better player out of it.

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probably not.

it would just make your guitar look incredibly retarded.
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what happens if ya decide to use a different tuning.....your screwed..or are you gonna put a new set of stickers on it when ever you change tunings??
Haha, I remember when I had those stickers on my first guitar, when I was like 8.
Yeah, like bluesrocker101 said, just learn it normally.
I say if it helps you learn them then go for it - nobody knows better how you learn than you do. But somewhere along the way you need to start slowly removing them one by one.
Practice. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

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i take it next your going to tell me that Cb is a note too!
it's really not hard. it's a repeated pattern. just print out a sheet and use it as reference. also, it helps to know what frett is a note. this quickly tell you where you are as well.
If you want to learn the fretboard and generally increase your knowledge of musiclogy than I highly recommend Troy Stetina's FretBoard Mastery book and if you want to shred than also his Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar Book.

This method is unlikely to really work, but you could try it. Although what the other guys said is true-what if you change tunings?

To learn the fretboard, you should obviously learn the scale patterns. But also concentrate on nailing the note names of each string. So you start with the E string, once you've learned that then you do the A string, and learn how those two strings relate to each other. Learning the fretboard like this will improve your ability to improvise musically.

Good luck!