I got a used amp a few weeks ago and I'm having trouble finding information on it, It's a 40 watt bass amp and the brand is delta. The logo is the word delta with some Pyramid looking thing beside it. It seems to be a pretty good amp but I haven't used it much yet.

Any help is appreciated
The pyramid looking thing is the greek letter for D, or Delta (capital version)

As far as I can find out from a quick google search, they've been out of production for about 20 years, and are pretty good.

Sorry I can't be of more help now. I'll do some more digging.
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20 years? wow!

And I know what the letter delta looks like and that's not the logo, it's a 3-D kind of thing, hard to explain.

I doubt It's 20 years old, if it is they must of kept it in a safe because it looks bareley used.