okay, pretty much I wrote this song last night, it's the second song I've ever wrote. I thought it was okay at least, but I was thinking it could have potential to be better, I feel as if i need to make it longer, But anyways here we go.

It seems like lately I've got
all this extra time to stop and think
Like the worlds holding on
and time has stopped
Jut long enough to let me
Catch my breath again

Because I don't think
you have the slightest clue
of what I'm going through

*(right here the song would pick up with more emphasis if you get what I mean)*
And then!
whoa, it feels like heartbreak
is breathing down my neck
waiting for her chance to meet me again

But I wont let this beat me out this time

So sound the alarms, and let heartbreak know
she's got a date with me.......(hold)
A show to see,
A comedy but I'm not laughin' no.....(hold)

Oh I'm such a fool, how could I let this slide
Oh I'm such a fool, I let heartbreak get the best of me
Oh and I'm such a fool, but not this time...(hold)

And then!
Whoa, and it feels like heartbreaks got her hold
that choking grip around my heart
Stops my beat; like the first time
that I laid eyes on you

*(slows down a little, a little softer as well)*
Yeah, and you don't have the slightest idea
what you've done to me
what good is your heart without the key

And then
Whoa, heartaches got me on me knees
the way it seems like this was meant For me
Forever I will be.

well let me know how you feel about this piece, im up for C4C and all that so thanks for taking the time to read mine.
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C4C please