I'm thinking about buying one of these amps for myself.... I don't gig, so it would only be for at-home "practice" (i.e. playing) use, and I'm caught up on which one to buy. I don't feel like I need the full 20 watts of the 20X, so I definitely don't see a need for the 10 more of the 30X (although it's only a little louder), but the amp models of the 30 are attractive. Is it worth it to go the extra yard for these models over the 20 even though I won't get even close to using the wattage?

They both use COSM as well, isn't it the 15 that doesn't?
Yes, The 30X just sounds all around better and has more features, and to be perfectly honest, an extra ten watts is only like 5% louder.
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Although I loved my 20x, Id recommend going for the 30x. The amp models to sound very good, aposed to the pedal models of the 20x. Theres not a huge price difference either if i remember correctly.

Also, that 10 watts, its only going to make a fraction of difference volume wise.
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Yeah, sounds good, thanks guys. Also, is it bad for the amp to use the power squeezer a lot?