so i have a boss me-50 pedal and recently the foot pedal part of it has been f-ing up, turning off(switching from wah, etc to volume pedal) sometimes with very slight push on it and at other times i cant turn it on or off when needed. ive been playing shows with it now and at practice it was ok, but now ive had 2 issues on stage with it and cant really continue to use it if its going to be fickel. what could i do to try and get the switch back to how it is supposta be? i dont wana start opening it and f-up the other 3 toggle foot switches. anyone know where the sensor is at? its not like a crybaby or something with a button under the toe end of it.
I used to stamp on mine, not like curbstomp, but like forcefully put all my bodyweight on it, when it was being really loose.
Solved it.
well sometimes that works, sometimes if flashes on then off. sometimes with very very slight pressure all the way down it turns off. nothing sucks more than playing a wah part and having it turn into a volume pedal.
Sounds like the little 'tophat' style switches are worn out. This happend to me when I got my RP-7 Valve (made in 1999). You'll have to replace them...

Also, what do you mean by the 'sensor'? (an optocoupler, I believe)

Is it the pedal or a footswitch that's screwing up? optocouplers don't just die, unlike those switches.
its a pedal. its a wah/octave/voice/resonator pedal when its on, and a volume pedal when its off. it dosnt have a little switch i can see underneith it, so im not sure where the switch or whathaveyou is located
sorry i wasnt clear, its the pedal part. i was tryin to explain what was wrong with the pedal part.
i just tried seeing if there was anything i could clean under it, no luck. i'll get a picture today at somepoint