I'm gonna get a new guitar soon but have no clue what i want or what's best for playing metal but is also good for playing lighter stuff. can i get recommendations
Price range?

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Jackson DK2 if you're low-range, or a Soloist if you can afford it
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if its your second guitar ever, i assume the range is $300-$500

check out Ibanez, they provide set-neck design guitars for $300 and they are good for metal and lighter forms of rock. upgrading their pickups is sometihng you'll eventually have to do, so that will be important to your style. I recommend Dimarzio Evolutions as they are very versatile, or Seymour Duncan JB+Jazz


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Yes I was in the same position as you 2 weeks ago so i went out and baught a Jackson Dinky DK2 and it was the best thing i ever did
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Jackson DK2 if you're low-range, or a Soloist if you can afford it

Both are solid guitars that I think would suit you well.
a gibson SG or Les paul. theyre not good for shredding but modern heavy riff metal they are good for
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Personally, I find with a good versatile amp, you can cover a broader range of tones than say with a good versatile guitar. What other kind of music are you wanting to play? Are you looking for jazzy tones? Some sparkly cleans? Dirty blues?
^I see.

In that case...

1. Do you require a tremolo? A double locking tremolo? Or are you a fixed bridged man?
2. Any particular brands you are partial to? Any shapes you prefer, like a V?
3. Do you need 24 frets?
4. Can you go used?
5. Do you need a certain pickup configuration? Like, HH, HSH, SSH?

Some suggestions...

- Schecter C-1 Classic
- Ibanez RG2550Z
- ESP LTD MH-1000
- Jackson SLSMG
- ESP LTD EC-1000 (Sunburst model has SD's)
i'm not sure on the tremolo
i don't want a v
i would prefer 24 frets but not a big deal
can def. go used
and no specific pickup configuration

thanks for the suggestions
since you have a humbucking guitar have you thought about a guitar w/single coils such as a stratocaster or telecaster?
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ha i've never played one but my friend has an epiphone Lp standard and its pretty great for the price
Here's an idea: the Ibanez S470.
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You're set.
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except sound good.

Except they do sound good.
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