So my dad did a job for some guy he knows and the guy paid him AND gave him a Larrivee D-03 with a hard case, and since my dad doesn't play guitar, he gave it to me !

Does anybody besides me think this is cool as hell?!
dude, that is ****ing wicked.

i just bought a brand spankin new Taylor from Guitar Center and I was talking to some guy about Larrivee and he was ranting and raving about them. He was a fantastic guitar player so I would definitely trust his opinion.

Good work! How is it? You should write a review for it!
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All I know is they are expensive...like, really expensive. So congrats.
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Larrivee's a great guitars. I have an OM-03 and love it.

That is awesome that you got one for free.
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I have a D-03R, which is the same thing, just rosewood back and sides.

You, my friend, got an excellent guitar. I mean incredible sounding, feeling, and playing. Sells for like $900-1000 too.

Lucky bastard!

Sam Ash linkage

Enjoy that guitar man!
Congratulations! Larrivee makes great dreadnoughts ... hope you enjoy it even more, knowing that your ug buddies are GASing for one!