!Link is totally useless unless you speak German!

I'll translate.

The American Edward "The Spam King" Davidson (who was in jail for sending spam mail for many years from his house) broke out of prison, shot his girlfriend, his daughter and himself.

That is so ****ed up.
So think again before you spam.
i speak german so YAY!
but seriously, kilolin ur gf daughter and injuring another daughter, and leaving the son in the car after commiting suicide??? thats f*cked up.
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Weird. My first image was some kind of anthropomorphic can of spam, with a crown, and a cape.
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damn. i guess thats what too much spam does to you.
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he actually went to jail for that? no wonder he was angry enough to cap his family.
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I rather agree.
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wow, heavy ****, man... He was not only into spam, but internet fraud in general, he got about 15 mil by conning people online.
If you ar reading this you are about to be shot in 5 minutes..."