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Does anyone have a suggestion for a modern band with long Led Zeppelin style guitar solos? Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John 5 and such are great, but I like vocals and such too.
Mayer trio if thats your style, but def not long solos like zep, not at all. good guitar though

RHCP too
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opeth!! they have the best of slow and fast metal solos
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Witchcraft has that classic old Black Sabbath sound, dunno if they have 'long' solos though. I haven't heard them myself, but I've heard that The Sword and Wolfmother are good too for that old rock sound. Eagles of Death Metal too.
QOTSA, Breaking Benjamin has a good solo here and there... A Perfect Circle/Tool, Coheed and Cambria... Mars Volta rule too...

there are a lot, you just have to dig.
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Black Crowes and Pearl Jam. Good bands with good vocalists with good instrumentation.

Was going to say the same thing.

Also John Mayer/ John Mayer Trio... more blues than rock, but excellent guitar playing.
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dream theater- thats good stuff
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I love the Foo's!

Alter Bridge, Ayreon, and Muse have great guitar work. There are very few modern rock bands that have great guitar work.
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Derek Trucks, Gov't Mule, Widespread Panic etc
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the answer

the datsuns


just to name a few
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coheed and cambria have some decent solo's

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the answer

the datsuns


just to name a few

Thanks man, Datsuns and StoneRider are pretty good, but The Answer really hit the spot, theyre awesome
I suggest Saving Abel. They have good rythm,vocals,drum beat..etc.
go to their myspace page and check them out.

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Tim Reynolds who is traveling with Dave Matthews this summer has had some pretty good solos.
Lets see...Jack White!

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no, every band out there sucks..........

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look up some live versions of queens of the stone age songs, they get into rediculously long solo's. if thats what you were lookin for.
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qotsa(dave grohl is a drummer)

Actually, Joey Castillo is QotSA's current drummer.
Mars Volta
on the Frances the Mute album check out L'via L'viaquez
also on The Bedlam in Goliath check out Goliath
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Actually, Joey Castillo is QotSA's current drummer.

i know.

I ment to say dave grohl was drummer. i noticed but i was to lazy to change it.
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a band called Candlebox has some pretty good solos

this guy is my new best friend
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in the realm of classic rock revival-type bands, someone said The Answer and i second that, very Zeppelin-esque with lots of good guitar. also check out Rose Hill Drive, one of my new favorite bands. combination of Zeppelin, Grand Funk, and The Who with a modern sort of twist
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I know that a lot of people are saying Coheed and Cambria but you really need to check them out they make great cds...I suggest you listen to the new cd No World for Tomorrow...also a great band is The Black Keys it is only 2 guys in the band and the guitarest just sherds during his solos and anytime he can. I just saw them live and it was the best concert that i have seen..overall you just need to check them out.
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