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Synthetic sunlight
2 33%
One last time
4 67%
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Synthetic sunlight
suspended from a string


if one goes out
will the universe go dark?

One last time

A pull
of the rings off your fingers
as you slide them into your front khaki pocket.
A pull
like the wind
trapped in a box sealed with masking tape
and a sharpie scratch of a name.
Like the wind,
trapped in the still air of a bedroom,
fresh from the deep wormhole of your father's throat
after countless years of drinking.
Like the wind,
trapped in a recently emptied home
gazing at the bindings of his dusty photo albums
that have not been opened for years.
A pull like the wind,
holding itself still and apprehensive
as you twist the handle and blow the cobwebs
off of his ancient windows
to let his shadow shine gloriously through them,
one last time.

Second. I just couldn't appreciate the first at all: it definitely wasn't strong enough to stand alone as an entire piece. The second, although slightly too vague and could do with a touch more personality, was interesting and sucked me in so I focused on nothing else.