Well this is my own version of an online video called "hate by numbers" (You should really check it out its funnay as hell)

I put numbers in front of the sentences that I commented on.

And this just goes to prove that you can't trust reviews on Guitar Center's website and that people are lieing idiots.

All of the following reviews were taken directly from Gutar Centers Website and Were reviews for the Marshall MG 100W Half Stack:

First one:
(1)I searched for a good half stack that I could get a great metal tone out of without having to rely on pedals or effects and this one does the trick. (2)I've been playing for over 15 years and I've never gotten a sound I like as much as this without having to rely on effects. (3)If you're not getting a great crunch out of it, you're probably not trying. It DOES require a little knob tweaking to get all the sound ranges out of this amp as a slight adjustment can really change the tone dramatically. (4)For a good thrash tone, I would suggest the following. Gain - 9. Bass - 10. Middle - 0. Treble - 5. Contour - 10. (5)Crank reverb and all the effects to 0 and this will give you a very solid, low-end crunch that works great!

1. So... Your saying a SS amp with some of the worst distorted sounds ever created, that is originally suited for classic rockish tone gives you the metal tone you want?
2. You have been playing for 15 years and bought a Marshall MG? Cough*Bull*****Cough.
3. Then aparently everyone needs to try a little harder.
4. Get rid of all your mids...yes...thats a great idea...
5. Ok just had to be picky about bad english. Crank something to 0?

Nuber 2:
(1)&(2)I was looking at Mesa Boogies and Marshall amps at guitar center, played this and FELL IN LOVE, sounded just as good or better than most of the higher priced amps, has good crunch and a great palm mute (most amps lack the good palm mute). I went back and played it multiple times. The effects are noticeably better than the Marshall MG100HDFX without the digital effects however, that is the only difference, the distortion and cleans sound the same?GREAT. If you have the money I strongly recommend replacing the cab with a 1960 AV Vintage 4X12, sounds even better. The only amp I would buy over this is the Marshall JCM2000 Triple Super Lead 100 Head (3)(the tubes give it a little better sound) and that's if I had the money. I would also put that head on the 1960AV cab. It?s the best solid-state amp I have heard so far for a harder more rock sound. GREAT AMP AT A GREAT PRICE!
1. You actually compared it to a Mesa? and Picked the MG?!?!
2. Cuz everyone needs a good palm mute.
3. Yeah....tubes hardly do anything.

I'm sorry I cant even dignify the rest of this... let alone the next one:

This is quite an amazing amp... When I first tried it out at the near by Guitar Center store, I was confused. How 600$ amp could sound equally good to double or triple price amps?! Transistor driven amp that delivers tube sound?! Its 100 watts sound like gigawatt! I own a Gibson Les Paul - Studio and a Fender Telecaster, two guitar brands just made for Marshall amps, or vice versa. They both kick arse with this amp. I just don?t understand all these bad reviews, people complain about distortion, effects and so forth...My advice to you guys is: spend 2000 - 4000$ on ?better? amps or just buy good guitars. Good guitar sounds good on a bad amp, while bad one sounds like crap even on a good amp. I?m sorry if I sound like a smart-ass to my fellow musicians, but I think someone has to break it to you guys. I tried bunch of different amps in the same price range, and Marshall, as always, set the bar too high. This amp will blow you away - literally (again: only if you have a decent guitar)!

EDIT: Sorry about the two posts, tried to hit enter to bring something down a line and it hit submit, already deleted.
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