Okay, will do!
Edit: Btw sorry it's not that I was ignoring you when you said it in my last thread .... I just thought that no one had replied so I didn't see your message, but I'll just keep all my videos in here from now on .. thanx!
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Alright cool, I don't mean to be rude or anything but I don't want you to receive a warning or a ban for posting multiple threads. I haven't reported you but some others might if they notice. Anyways, I listened to this track and I'm really like it - I like all the videos you've done.

The way you present your stuff is really cool. I like the way you show how each part comes in and slowly creates something new. Also, you've got a cool talking voice.
Hey - I really like this new track.

It's very groovy. I love the stuff you right - it all feels so relaxed and soft background kind of stuff that you would hear in a coffee shop (well...if the drums weren't so electronic sounding). You've got really good hooks to - very groovy.