looking for people for bands. my band is looking for a vocalist, just wanna post it in as many places as posible. idk if theres a thread for this or not. some one else look for me please


my band is searching for some one with vocal talent that resembles those of scary kids scaring kids, chiodos, the devil wears prada, emarosa, dance gavin dance, ect. basically have a higher range and be able to use it well.

you dont have to be able to scream, we already have some one for that, but its a plus if you can i guess.

a little bit about the band..
we are a 5 piece, ages 17-19, looking for a 6th to take the frontman position. we practice in Canton Michigan once or twice a week. we are a serious band, but doesn't stop us from having fun once in a while. we are all drug/alcohol free. the recordings on our page are a year old. we are looking to finalize our line up before we get into a studio to record our EP.

if you are interested you can reply to me, or fill out an app on our latest blog on our page here.. Http://www.myspace.com/cadence
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