are there any midrange les paul juniors floating around nowadays? cause the only things i've found are either the starter pack epi's and signature 1500+ ones. i really like the look of them and was wondering if any other companies made a copy or something like that. also, does anyone have the epi version? i'm thinking maybe buy that and get decent pick ups for it.

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yeah, i was going to mention edwards. i'd have thought it'd work out closer to $800 though (that's probably including postage). other japanese copies would be worth a look too.

heritage and guys like that might be worth a look too, but if you can't afford the gibson, you probably won't afford those either...
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vintage also make some pretty good copies of the LP juniors.

i think epiphone discontinued the set-neck, P-90 model they used to make, which is a shame because it was a real nice guitar!
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