alright so i am a leader at a youth group doing this kinda american gladiator knock off thing this week and i need some ideas for some cool motivational stuff to put on banners. basically our team name is sirens and our team color is purple so, so we need slogans for either or both "purple" or "sirens".

heres the catch, we get spirit points for motivational crap so im plastering the walls of the youth room with like 700 pages of purple construction paper with motivational stuff for our team but i only have filled about 500 pages so far and iv run out of crap to write.

i know its kinda dumb but its for the kiddos so any help would be appreciated
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Have you all got purple wands for the kiddos?

As for the sirens part, get some titty on the banners.
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Ask the guys in the demotivational picture thread.


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There's a few dotted around the changing rooms in my school. My favourite is: ''You don't win the silver, you lose the gold.''
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