Hey, I have a Cole Clark FL1A about 3months old. bunya top, queensland maple back and sides. she sounds and looks beautiful. Sings when you put it through an amp once you have fiddled with the EQ abit to get the sound you want.

Unfortunately im a poor student and need to come up with £500+ for deposits and rent etc in the next month which just aint gonna happen so ive reluctantly decided to put her up for sale. heres a few pics i took when she first arived, if anyones interested il take some better ones without all my crap in the background lol.
Comes with a deluxe gator hardcase.
Looking for £675 ovno
though im more of a seagull guy, cole clarks are also the pants. have a bump
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
Any ideas on a budget half decent acoustic electric to keep me goin once ive sold this? If anyone is interested let me know by the end of the week cos i'll be putting it on ebay for a little more.