Allright, so I roughly have a budget of 800 (although for just the right things I could go a couple over 1000 or so...)

I need an amp an a guitar. A rough over view of my style is that I love reckless solos with sounds in the range of teeth rattling buddy guy to hendrix distortion.

I have been searching for a while, and right now my thoughts are that I should spent a little more on the amp (600+), and maybe just wait on the guitar. I would really like to get a tube amp with some quality sound, and the ability to gig, at least at smaller venues. I am interested in suggestions as to what amp would fit these needs, as well as other things, like would a new or used be the best bang for my buck, how much do the number of speakers matter, etc.

As for a guitar, I have been leaning towards a fender strat. I prefer the style of gibsons, but the fender has a feel to it that just lends itself to my style, however, I have focused less on my guitar search and more on amps, so guitar suggestions are welcome too.

I thank you for any feedback and information you can provide.
Hmmm. Be a bit more specific on what you want from the amp?

Sparkly cleans? warm cleans?

Heavy OD. Blues OD?

2 channels? more?
This may sound silly to you, but 800 what?
pounds? dollars? magic beans?
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This may sound silly to you, but 800 what?
pounds? dollars? magic beans?

nah, i only have 400 magic beans right now.

im talkin us dollars. as for the other question, im still pretty raw here, I just want something real raunchy if you know what I mean. I dont think sparky is the word for that. A blues OD would be nice, but at time I do enjoy getting heavy, but I wouldnt mind getting a peddle to accomplish that.