so today i accidently dropped my phone in my cup of mountain dew at taco bell and needless tyo say it no longer works. my friend has his old cell phone which he had before he got the one he uses now, so he gave it to me to use. only problem is i want to switch his old phone onto my plan and he is on sprint and im on verizon. is this doable?
Sprint and Verizon don't use simcards.

It's worth a shot, I'd say try it just to see if it works, whats the harm if it doesn't?

If it doesn't happen to work though, search online for how to unlock your 'new' phone.
go to the sprint store and tell them you want to activate your friends phone on your plan.
yeah they are two different phone networks. and my phone was really old and therefor didnt have a sim card
Just go to the Verizon site and log into your account and put in the ESN for your new phone and see if they let you.
You might be able to call them up and have them do it over the phone too, in case online activation doesn't work.
My buddy was so loaded he pissed his pants with his cell phone in his pocket....

now it doesnt work..

and is the source of endless jokes
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Quote by randomhero93
go to the sprint store and tell them you want to activate your friends phone on your plan.

I don't thin Sprint would do that. I have Sprint and they aren't very nice. Though, I don't think any phone company would like it if you said "hey my phone broke and instead of giving you $200 I'm going to use my friend's phone that is with a different company." I also think that Sprint (or any other company) can activate other company's phones.
im pretty sure phones are only compatible with the network that they are made for.

remember that kid that had to "unlock" the iPhone to get it to work on other networks besides AT&T?

youre going to have to cough up the money for a new one.
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well i found an old verizon phone laying around so if the sprint phone doent work i can use that. and i know im never drinking mountain dew again