ur doing good. but since u are asking for crit. here u go

the rythem is really to boxy, those 1-2 strokes for the rythem guitar really keep the sound kind of locked up(if u know what i mean. try using effects and space to fill the sound. the flow from one segment to the next is not quite there. the solo is alright.

honesty pratice makes perfect. the more u play the song, the better it will be. don't be afraid to breakout of the guitar skills and theory u know, and really mess around with what ever u play. lot of good things come from rubbish keep on letting people hear ur stuff, the best way to improve is true feedback from others
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yeah, pretty good for just starting
it sure as hell isn't jazz, though

I thought the 7th chords and that modal bit over the G# chord gave it a bit of a jazzy feel.

In addition to recording some parts again, I have to add bass... Some passing tones ought to give the rhythm section a less "boxy" feel.