i got a crazving to play super mario so bad today. so i downloaded an emmulator (SNES) and im trying to get some mario but its esa protected. does anyone know how i can get around that or any other way to be able to play some super mario without owning it :[
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Pffft go buy it fo realz.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
No idea what ESA protected means.

Edit - Good point. =P
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hey glimsom you might want to take that link down.
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ive never used that b4, explain how it works mabey?
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ok go to google search dope roms

find rom download

btw try to find ones without virus(most of them dont i actually have all the super maro games)

also make sure your emulator is good
in other words u can get them all on a gamboy advance
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They used to have a lot of ROMs for download but after 2007 or so the ESA started getting rid of them and now only like pokemon blue with viruses is available for download. Unless you use bittorent.
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I looked FOREVER for a Super Mario ROM

damn ESSA

Like anyone's buying the game anymore!
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