iunno if its just me, but i seem to have the hardest time tryin to listen to a whole song
i might listen to a minute or two
but stop after and look for another song?
Anyone else do this?
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Mostly the folks with ADD, although I must admit I've done it myself quite alot.
I do, My friends get really pi$$ed when I don't listen to the whole song.

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no, i listen to a song all the way through, then go onto the next one
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I skip songs sometimes but that's only when I'm not sure what to listen to.
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I've mindlessly listened to my collection of songs while playing video games the past 2 years. Now I know the lyrics to basically 6,000+ random songs.
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I hate people like you. My friend does this in the car all the time... except he CANNOT let the song end. He will wait until the last 10 seconds or so and he will change the track for no reason, even if it has an amazing climax, he MUST turn it off before it ends. It pisses me off.

95% of the time if I start listening to a song, I will finish it. I usually listen to songs that start good and get better as they go along.
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I only listen to good music and I wouldn't disrespect the artist by only listening to some. If you cant listen to it all than obviously it sucks and you shouldn't listen to any.
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Listen to better songs.

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You should start listening to Colin of Arabia then. Their songs are rarely over two minutes and they change atleast two or three times during the song to something that sounds different.
i did that when i first got my ipod, but now i listen to the songs all the way through.
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when im by myself i listen to just parts of songs i wanna hear, but with friends i listen to whole songs.
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I won't stop listening to a song until it's finished. When I'm listening to music with someone and they switch songs every 1 1/2 minutes, it really pisses me off.

Me too. I want to hear a song, not a bunch of songs for the sake of showing me how cool your iPod playlist is.
I have a similar problem, only with albums.
I can't listen to a whole album, unless it's chock-full of memorable songs, like Led Zeppelin II.
I do that, but mostly it's because I had the urge to listen to a different song at the time...
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I browse through my music when I have nothing to do, but I usually listen to the whole song before I go to the next one.
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I just turn on my iPod, lock the controls, put it in my pocket, and listen to what ever comes on. I don't need to worry about changing the songs because I put music i actually like on my iPod.
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****, I'm still sitting here listening to whole albums.
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I usually change songs before the end too. If there's a noticably good/unique ending, I'll listen all the way through, but 90% of the time I'll switch in the middle
heres your problem:

Favorite bands :
Rise Against, Falling up, Andrew W.K. Disturbed

i can listen to a full song by any of these^ either. lol

1. get yourself a good long prog album(2112,blackwater park, octavarium, fear of a blank planet etc.)
2.listen to it ALL in one sitting.
3.you now have the ability to listen to music again, though after listening to a good prog album not many things will sound as good as they used to lol

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****, I'm still sitting here listening to whole albums.

im right there with ya man. i pretty much just give the entire album a listen. lol i barely ever just listen to single songs too much anymore. sometimes like half an album
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