I have a coworker who is selling an electric guitar
Lyon by Washburn. and i want to make sure im not getting ripped.
Washburns run from about 200 to 1200 from what ive scouted out but i cant find this particular one! its gold and has like a tiger skin display look to it!?
grover tuners and lyon pickups.
the top half is a V style and the bottom half starts V but hooks back at the end kind of similar to a b.c. rich beast of some sort.
can any body give me an idea of what model this is and if its worth 250 dollars?
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It is a Lyon Guitar not a Washburn. Washburn owns Lyon and puts there name on the headstock just because they know that no one will buy their crappy guitars unless they think its an actual Washburn, i.e. Squier and Fender but worse. Now Ive offended someone and this thread will probably turn into a penis comparing contest...Anyways, I think Target Stores sell Lyon guitars. $250?? No way, If I were you Id take that money and hit up ebay of a nice used quality name guitar.

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Lyons are Walmart/Target/Costco etc. guitars. They're plywood, and not very nice.
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