I've played violin and piano for years so I can read music fine, and on those two instruments sight read well. My main issue on the guitar is that I don't know which notes most of the frets are on guitar, and only can figure it out but relation to those I do know, which takes forever.

I can sight read fine in first position due to the classical guitar I do for my lessons, but anywhere higher i have issues doing it. I want to be able to see a melody and play it anywhere on the guitar. I have dropped tab, I fell into the bad habit of just reading the tab, and I really am tired of it.

How should I go about strengthening my sight reading skills and recognizing where notes are on my guitar? Are there any specific books you guys would recommend? Or should I just take sheet music and practice reading it, such as some stuff from my piano lessons?
Main thing to do is just go up by half steps on each string and say it aloud, then practice the sight reading bit. I assume that's what you mean? Memorizing which notes are on which fret?
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Get a real book and just sightread through page after page. Or find some violin sheet music or any treble clef instrument really.
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