Now if any of you guys have read my posts, well i'm about to be thoroughly embarrassed right now...
What are some good ways to learn the notes on the fretboard?
I know scale and chord construction formulas but how does one apply this on the fly while playing like if i pick up the guitar how do i figure out how to play the minor pentatonic in key of d and still be able to improvise without taking roughly 30-40 minutes to write down the notes and where those notes occur on the fretboard.

I'm guessing most of this stuff comes with time

I had an idea, could you guys please critique it,
MY idea on learning the notes of the fretboard was to take tabs of songs and conver them into keys
so for example if it said
e|--12--| I would know write down e above the 12 and do this for the entire song, is this an effective technique?

Oh and what are some ways to learn how to read music notation, I know face, every good boy does fine but i don't know the saying for the bass clef and i can read whole notes but when chords come and long legatos i just get lost and i can't continue AT ALL.
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I learned the notes on the fretboard by slowly going up and down the chromatic scale and saying the note names when I played the note.
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What are some good ways to learn the notes on the fretboard?

The easist way IMO to learn the notes on each string, is to just memorize the E (I used the low E, it seemed easier) and the A string. Once you can point to a note on the E string and know exactly what it is, stay on the fret but move down 2 strings (D string), and then move down 2 frets HIGHER. They're the same not.

Example, 5th fret on the E string is an A. 7th fret on the D string (4th string), is an A also.

Same thing works with the A string, once you have all the notes on the A string memorized, point to a note, move down 2 strings, to the G string (same fret), and again, two frets HIGHER, and you will have the same note.


That is a good website to practice, but I recommend doing the above method before using the website.
oh, and for your music notation question, I dont see a reason to learn it at all unless your planning on taking classes in school. (I believe they require you to read that instead of tab...)

but unless there is a reason i am not seeing, i'd say skip notation.
i WILL be taking classes in school i plan to make music a hobby for a long long time
I learned them by just playing scales up and down and saying the notes. I also found that buying a music book and reading music helped me to find the notes faster. Just memorization and repetition really.
Google "fretboard warrior", it's a little java game for memorizing fretboard notes. It's not much less tedious, but at very least it's entertaining.

Basicly just memorize intervals. That's step one. If you know your 2nd string is B, and you know that B-C is only a half step (one fret), then you know the first fret of the B string is C. Also, you really only have to memorize em up to the octave, because after that they just repeat.
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