It's like a Fender Strat and a Rickenbacker bass got drunk at a party, went into the bathroom, one thing led to another, and 9 months later ended up with that thing, which they promptly left on Dio's guitarist's doorstep.
def. had a red fender style head stock but it had way too many knobs.
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looks like a burns guitar with those pickups and pick guard...

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Yup. A lot of guitar makers in Britain in the 1960s had to make Red, roughly stratocaster-like guitars to keep the kids happy, because they had seen Hank Marvin with his Red strat, and importing the real stuff was nearly impossible. A lot of british makers popped up to make these things. The watkins in that photo isn't exactly the same, but these guitars usually were made a little different each time anyway, look at all the guitars Tiesco marketted as a "Del Ray" for example...