i want to find out wat people think are the best MR songs.

i dont really have a favorite but some of my favorite bands are RATM, and the foo fighers.... no wait i change my mind, For the love of god. by steve vai
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The best song in the history of music is 300 mph torrential outpour blues by The White Stripes.
"4'33" by John Cage.
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for me it would be
Pearl Jam- Rats
Soundgarden- Beyond the Wheel
Phish- You Enjoy Myself
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knights of cydonia by muse
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hey, johnny park! -foo fighters

i'm obsessed
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I love the Foo's!

Master of Puppets - Metallica
Love hurts - Incubus
Come as you are - Nirvana
And so on...
Beck- Guess I'm Doing Fine
Wu-Tang Clan- Bring Da Ruckus
Modest Mouse- Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
Pearl Jam- Off He Goes
"Catch Hell Blues" by White Stripes is by far my most favorite MR song
"1000 BPM" Becks
"Zombie" The Cranberries
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The best song in the history of music is 300 mph torrential outpour blues by The White Stripes.

It's Outdoor, not outpour.
Sick Or Sane by Senses Fail.

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"4'33" by John Cage.

I see what you did there...
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under the bridge- rhcp
spitting venom- modest mouse

does anyone else besides me like Deep Kick by rhcp?
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"4'33" by John Cage.

That killer wind solo in the middle always gets me.
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