Poll: Who is your music focused towards?
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Completely for the listening pleasure of my audience.
0 0%
Mostly for the listening pleasure of my audience but a bit for me too.
8 20%
Mostly for just me but i do keep in mind to entertain my listeners.
22 54%
Just for me. Don't give a crap about any listeners. They can like it if they want to or not.
11 27%
Voters: 41.
So this one is for ye UG songwriters. Who do you write your music for? Let me elaborate that a little.
Do you write your music having a certain target audience in your mind you'ld like appeal to n entertain with your music, when you write your music.
Do you just write your music plainly for your own pleasure. To just express your emotions and feelings. Not really caring about whether your song/lyrics/music would appeal to your audience or not.

Or in plain words, is your music for the people who'ld listen to it or is it just for you.
Or if its a complex mix of both, who is your music mainly focused towards, yourself or your listeners.
When I write lyrics, I always try to think of it as what the reader/listener might think if he/she read it.

I want the listeners to get something out of the lyrics instead of it just killing their time...

EDIT: I write it for me too, but I want the listeners to get something out of it.
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myself... most of my songs are to relieve my own stress... they can either be funny or depressing... and being that ive been on an acoustic kick i guess it'd have a larger female reach than male...
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I make music for myself. It's my sincere hope that other people will enjoy it, but I don't lose any sleep over it either.
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i make it for myself, cuz i like writing songs.
but hey if i can entertain somebody at the same time, its cool.
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I do want people to like my music, but it also matters to me.
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I mostly do it for me. It's kind of a theraputic thing, and it just makes me feel good.

I don't even really have that many listeners, anyway.
I dont have any listeners, I write my stuff for me, and no one else.


Normally the stuff I write for me is slow, melodic, and quite beautiful (according to my friends So I guess they get enjoyment out of it.

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Second option.

I want to make popular music, but I have my own aspirations in doing so.

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Well to say about me, i'm actually working on two bands.

One is my solo project which is mainly all about me and my thoughts n feelings. The music is sorta slightly experimental n artistic too. Though i do keep in mind to make sure people can enjoy listening to it too... Mostly.

The other one is more for fun sorta thing. Its the full band where i'm just the guitarist (and a lot of background work). Its got more of a mainstream sound. Basically for us and the crowd to have fun listening to. So this one is more focused towards getting the crowed charged up n having a fun time making the music n playing it.
When I was in a band mostly for the audience. I dont' go in for this 'music is my ART and if people don't get it it's THEIR FAUlt' thing.

Music for me at a gig is about people and having fun so I would always try and make our songs danceable and fun. It worked for a fair while and we got som decent gigs, then we got tired of it.

Now on my own I simply make music to expand my understanding of the forms I enjoy, I write things to better understand and apply harmony and certain ideas and then try and coalesce this into something I find vaguely listen-able.
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Well, I'd say I'm a little of both. I will make up whatever comes to mind that I enjoy, or I'll sit and think of something that will be enjoyable to other people. This mainly occurs because my favorite kind of music is the guitar solo kind of songs, like stuff by paul gilbert and Satch, so I'll write some like fast melodic song/ riff. Other times, I'll just think of a nice emotional chord progression and put some feel into it.
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Since I'm not performing publicly at the moment - haven't in like a year - any song I compose is completely based upon what I want to hear and what mood I want my music to symbolize.
3rd option. In the beginning it was just about me making the music that I liked to hear. Then when I joined a band I started to think more and more of what other people would like to listen to and kind of incorporate that into my writing.

I still mainly write stuff that I would listen to though.
I know that I'm not a very good songwriter, but I am a funny guy in general, so I'll write songs that are funny and hope other people like it. I guess it's about a 50/50 mix.
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