Ok its in a slow punk form alot like "I just wanna be with you" by the Ramones.
But yah its just 3 chord beauty lol

I know that you just want it to end,
I know that you just wanna be mend,
but I think if you stick around awhile you'll see,
just exactly how it was all supposed to be.

Hear me as I cry out to you,
Even though theres not much to choose,
be careful in every case,
Cause life or death isn't win or lose.

I know that your breaking away,
I know that you can't stay,
just now that if you run off now,
you'll never know how.

So when your gonna fall,
So when you can only crawl,
keep holding on to this,
I know, yes I know

Tell me what you think and chya.

Party on
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