So I'm looking at buying a nice acoustic guitar. I will be playing fingerstyle mostly and some normal strumming and what-not. First and most important the guitar must have a good warm, bright sound. I know that's tough to recommend without me going and playing the actual guitar. But I'm sure you guys have some ideas. Also I would like the guitar preferably not have a pickguard.. and I also would like it to have some cool inlays in the frets (or no inlays at all, I just dont like dots, except on the seagull guitars since they are set to the side and have a seagull at the 12th)

Money isn't an issue

So can you help me?

I have a Epiphone Masterblit EF-500M. MEant for fingerstylers because of 1.75" width nut...But I use it for strumming also. I have a set of elixir lights on it and its incredibly warm and very brigrht. It sounds godlike if you have long nails and fingerpick it....or if you use your skin on your fingers then it gives an extremely warm sound. Its got a pickgaurd though...its actually very pretty, to me atleast. Its got diamond shaped inlays so thats a plus. Go check it out . ONly 500 bucks too. although its got the craftsmanship of a 1000 dollar guitar.


thar she is...what a beaut she is.
If your buying new and are into finger picking, Avoid dreadnoughts [best for picks and are too bassy for finger picking even though they will do the job] and spruce tops which are certainly bright but not very warm [new, they take ages to mellow out a bit]. 'Warm bright sound' is a bit of a contradiction. 'Bright' is not warm. Warm is mellow, not bright [?].

Go for something especially built for finger picking if that's seriously your bag. Mostly they are smaller bodied than a dreadnought even though the advert. blurb will say they are great for everything. As a finger-picker for over 35yrs [couldn't use a pick if my life depended on it], it's just my opinion anyway. There is no such thing as a guitar that's perfect for everything.

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...itar?sku=519060 For a solid wood guitar it looks like a bargain!

This shape is on the right track with the slightly wider fingerboard for finger picking.
You could go ceder or mahogany top. A mahogany soundboard on a mahogany body creates warm, full tone with a character all its own. [In general, the sound of mahogany topwood is bigger than koa and more direct than spruce, making it a natural for acoustic blues.], but you want brightness too so it's a toss up. Antibiotics101 is certainly on the right track for finger picking guitars. My wife has a wonderful 73' dreadnought with a sitka spruce top that drives me crazy playing it even though it's tone is now warm after so many years of it being played [she uses a pick] and I have a custom built guitar 74' with a wider neck and smaller body especially buit for finger picking [drives her crazy playing it!]. Horses for courses I say.
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I'd go with the Cedar top and mahogany back and sides, especially for the price and should have the sound your after. The Taylor is way overpriced [half the price is just for the name Taylor] and the Koa sound is a bit 'thin' I think. Good recording guitars if you do a lot of that.

Best is if you can try them out but failing that I'd go with the Cedar top. A lot of guitar for the price.
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