it would be bad for your amp, not guitar.

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you would probably wear out the jack if nothing else

if you got lazy and did it wrong, you might mess up the cable.

jacks are a dime a dozen, so unless you figure out how to crack the finish or something, you should be okay
Use the selector switch. Seriously.
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could someone type it out what he's doing? I'm downloading something so I can't view it (wireless internet) almost as bad as dial-up.
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He's simply putting the jack mostly into the input of his guitar, then pulling it out and putting it back in so it functions as a killswitch. He takes it out and the signal dies, puts it back in and its there. Essentially a homemade killswitch.
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Use the selector switch. Seriously.

Not all of us have 2 volume knobs.. But honestly it is probably a bad idea, if you need a kill switch bad enough they aren't hard to install.