my guitar recently started making harsh buzzing noises on certain frets. it only affects the first 3 strings and is usually only present at one fret per string.

however, even though i adjust the action, the buzz just moves up and down the neck.

anyone have an idea to remedy this?
Ya might have the strings too tight or might need new strings...its not a serious problem my guitart does it here and there too. its the strings
I used to have that problem before i switched to DR strings. Now they don't buzz unless i make them, hell they don't even break.
yeah just put new string on about an hour ago and its still there. it doesnt affect my playing too much when i play clean but it stands out ALOT when i add dirt

i had to stop playing because the noise was ear-splitting and gave me a headache.
its weird because it just showed up today for apparently no reason
jeez it shouldn't be that rough sounding!if its as bad as you say it is you might need it checked.Mine would be a low rumble but the strings would vibrate so bad it broke the guitar nut holding the strings needless to say 8 bucks down the drain
yeah the rumbling type is what im more use to when i say string buzz. this "buzz" is more like the "zzzt" sound you hear in cartoons when something gets electrocuted

as for truss rod adjustment, would i go for more or less relief?
i would think more relief just becareful dude i'd hate to hear your rig got **** up accidentally
yeah this is a pain. whats different is that i dont hear it at all acoustically or through the clean channel. its only when i pump the pre-gain past 6 does it kick in. but it always seems to hang around the notes A-B.

on a side note it quiets a bit when i dial down the treble but even with it zeroed its still there.

my question at this point is whether or not its related to the strings..
ohh man do i feel stupid now >_<

turns out it wasnt string buzz (i figured since it really wasnt similar to older cases of it)
it was just ice-picking by the circuitry (never had to much treble till now). my boost got pushed in while traveling i suppose and i didnt notice (i never use the boost circuit)

it seems the boost circuit on the C30 opens up a hell of horrible tone. my lesson is learned. always look for the easy answer first
glad ya got it fixed dude my friend used to tinker with his amp tryin to get a more distorted sound and when he turned it on it blew on him.glad ya got yours fixed