To summarize... i need a good guitar

Does that guitar even exist under $1000?

Style: Metal
Budget: Obviously $1000
Ibanez RG1570. It's a bolt on but bolt ons aren't necessarily bad.
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the tremolo ninja 600?
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Esp Ltd Ninja 600
Esp Ltd F-50
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5watt jcm800 clone
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Keeley ds-1

Definately try it out first, make sure the neck isn't too thick for you. but its a great guitar imo
or a schecter blackjack atx.

Almost same specs as hellraiser except ebony fretboard and blackouts
Jackson DKMG (bolt on but still a nice neck)
Schecter Hellraiser
ESP 1000 stuff
I've actually got my eye on the Jackson DKMG. I currently own a bolt-on guitar and it does affect reaching the high frets and it's pretty tiring. I'm gonna have to try the DKMG to see how it plays. I like the EMG's too
Ill 2nd the Schecter Hellraiser C-1.

Those are really great guitars. The trem will take loads of abuse, I sat in GC for like an hour the other day and jammed on it through an Engl Blackmore.

I was really impressed.
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Carvin dc127. opt for a OFR. Nuff said
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Ibanez RG1570. It's a bolt on but bolt ons aren't necessarily bad.

Who said that bolt-ons are bad at all...? Most shred guitars are bolt-ons.

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or a schecter blackjack atx.

Almost same specs as hellraiser except ebony fretboard and blackouts


might get one myself one day, then do a killswitch, and preamp booster mod on it.
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I'd say some kind of Schecter is what you're looking for.....

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