Can anyone who has these pickups tell me how they are? Are they versatile? I know you can get a good Hendrix tone out of them, but are they suitable for other styles of rock? Also, are they worth the money? Thanks for the help!
They are pretty good pups. Certainly bell like clarity possible with them. I wouldn't say they are worth it though because you can get some boutique and hand wound pups that would be much better for the same price. It also isn't the best idea toget new pups unless you have a suitable amp to begin with.
Here's a website with comparison clips of some Fender Custom Shop pickups (including the 69s), Lindy Fralin pickups, and Jason Lollar pickups: http://www.acmeguitarworks.com/Strat_Pickup_Sound_Clips_W1.cfm

For the record, I used that site to determine whether or not to buy the CS 69s, or go for the Fralin Vintage Hots. I ended up with the Fralins (haven't installed them yet though).
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