So I was getting sick of dragging an 6 space rack case and 4x12 cab around to every gig and practice. I figured someone must make a rack/cab combo, but couldn't find anything (if someone knows of something that I missed let me know). So I sketched out what I wanted one afternoon, bought the parts and made this.

This thing fits in the back seat of my truck! Sooooo much easier than carrying around what was essentially a half stack. It's more than loud enough for any venue too (gotta replace that Carvin speaker though). The only thing I haven't finished is putting recessed handles on the sides. Does anyone else here have something like this? I'd like some ideas for how I could make a more compact version with the same rack gear. I was thinking about tilting the angle of the rack gear back so I could shorten the depth of the cab. Any help is appreciated.
Wow that looks really great. Sorry I don't really have anything constructive to say other than that.

.......what are the rack effects anyway? I'm a noob at rack stuffs.

EDIT: You might get a better response in the building and customizing forum.
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There are several bass combo's that are literally just a rackmount head mounted in a cab. A friend of mine found an old 2x12, replaced the speakers with V30's, and replaced the bass head with a Rocktron preamp and power amp. The only thing that sucked was we couldn't find one with a more than a 2U rack to work with.

Personally, I've always preferred keeping the cab separate from everything else. I'm not a particularly strong guy and moving two lighter pieces has always been preferable to moving one heavier piece.
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Thats pretty good man! Looks like a good job as well, you could probably make a bit of money by make custom ones for people.
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Do you also have a forklift truck to enable you to move it?
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That is pretty sweet, but looks HELLA heavy

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That is pretty sweet, but looks HELLA heavy


I would rather have them split up myself.. Why not just loose the 4x12 for a 2x12 or even 1x12 cab and get a nice road case for the rack gear...
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...it looks like a 1x12 cab to me?
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The amp definitely isn't light, but it doesn't give me any problems. With the gear I'm running it's gonna be heavy no matter what. Now it's just heavy, not heavy and awkward. I'm thinking about replacing the 9100 with a smaller rack mount tube amp. Maybe a Mesa 20/20 or 2:Fifty. Also want to replace the speaker with a Celestion Blue. Any amp suggestions?
Well, it all depends on what you play, but ENGL do a nice rackmount preamp if you're into metal, and maybe you'd also like to look into the Randall rackmount where you can pick the modules; hang on I'll find a link.

On a side note, it's nice to have a newbie here who appears to know his stuff rather than posting stuff like "zOMG I HAz 300 n I wantt a halfstak to sound gd can sum1 hlep me???"

EDIT: Here you go. Pricy though:

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That's just awesome. I was actually doing a Google search to get some ideas on building something of the same concept when I found this thread of yours.

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The amp definitely isn't light, but it doesn't give me any problems. With the gear I'm running it's gonna be heavy no matter what. Now it's just heavy, not heavy and awkward.

I totally know what your talking about. I have a 4 space road case with a Pod Pro, Carvin TS100, power conditioner, and EQ. It's stupidly heavy for its size and absolutely no fun to move. So much so that I was going to put wheels on it, however, since the cab isn't all that heavy, I figure putting them together and then adding wheels is a better idea; it's going to be heavy anyway, so it's easier to deal with all at once. So, yeah, your success has further inspired me to get to work on my own design.

And I am aware of the fact that this thread is a bit old.