So I'm going to buy a new guitar, and I was looking at Paul Allender's Paul Reed Smith. Seems like an affordable price for a 16 year old with no job. The only thing that makes me wonder is the trem. Does it lock? Would it go out of tune if I used it? Anyone here own this guitar or a similar PRS with the same trem? That'd be great if you could give me a review / your input about it! Thanks
650 for a guitar with a flame maple veneer?

That's what my $200 Jackson had.
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good review article on the prs allender sig in guitar world, june 2008. pic does not show locking nut, but review said it stays in tune matter of fact, the only bad mark it got was no locking tuners. it only comes in purple, maple neck, mahogany body, set neck, paul allender, sig pups by prs. bat inlays look cool. article says play thru good amp to appreciete the pups....i`d have one..
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Yes, it will go out of tune, but installing locking tuners will fix the problem. The guitar looks awesome though.
Thanks for the feedback, any idea how much quality locking tuners would cost? In Canadian dollars, please.
dont know about canadian but i just shelled out 35 american dollars for a decent set for a jackson. but mine came factory w/ locking tuners, and the special nut was already installed. looks like you would have to chang out the nut first....but i guess you knew that already.
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
vox cab
Actually I didn't know that.
I'm brand new with the whole guitar build-concept
I just play it, I can't take it apart and put it back together. (I don't even know what replacing pickups is for)
Care to elaborate?
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If i were you, i would get a professional guitar tech to install the tuners for you. I would recommend Sperzel locking tuners. quite expensive but well worth it.


They're about $25 less than that on Stewmac.
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Thanks guys and yeah, my initial idea was to have them installed by someone who knew something about what they did, definitely not me.

On a side note - what do the PRS players think about the trem? I.e. how it feels, does it fall out alot or is it screw in?, how low and how high can it go, that kind of thing.
Let me know!
It can't go high i can tell you that right now.
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They're about $25 less than that on Stewmac.

Nice Opeth quote! Rather 'Bleak' eh?
they are good trems but it sounds like your thinking that it is like a floyd.

its not,

it is for more subtle and gentle vibrato playing, though it will work for dive bombs if you chuck another spring in the back which is what i did with my SE CU22.

the trem was very good and eaisly on par with higer end wilkison trems and MIM fender ones, with extra springs and good care it is a great vibrato arm but not crazy wanker stick..

locking tuners will help but wont make it as stable as a double locking trem like those you would find on a 2nd hand ibby in the same price range...

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