I've been playing for almost a year now and im getting alrite at guitar my friends say I'm good but i cant seem to play more difficult songs for example im able to play the intro to constrant motion by dream theater fine (of course with practice) but i cant seem to be able to break down a solo. I have a teacher and he is currently teaching me theory but i want more out of guitar because I love it I just kinda wanna know where to go from here any suggestions.. thanks
learn more songs minus the solo, solo will come one day young one
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If you want to be able to pull of some solo, you first need to re-evaluate your skills. I just listened to this song and I've noticed that the solo is pretty hard. I've been playing for around six years and I'm not even sure I would be able to do that without a couple of days full of constant practice. You can practice such techniques as basic soloing and such. You also need to look up and learn something called sweep picking, because the second half of that solo is sweeping. Just keep practicing some easier solos here and there. Oh, and don't give up. That is a wicked solo that you cant let out of your grip.
I always call it hitting a wall when this happens to me. this isn't the last wall you will hit. I recently conquered his exact wall. Practice alternate picking and scales speed 'em up get a metronome and practice till you bleed (I seriously did all three of these). Then I broke thru the wall and I can play some pretty cool stuff, but i just hit another wall at the chorus fills for crazy train -.-

keep on fighting

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