I use GHS 10-52's for my Eclipse, similar scale and 2 humbuckers, a friend had a Sheraton with P-90's and he uses Elixar 10-52's and loves them.
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thanks for input :]

i think i'm gonna go with the Elixirs just looking on the internet, anti-rust would be awesome, because the strings rust so fast in my area
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Elixirs are great as far as their anti-rust coating goes, but I find that they break very easily (for me, at least). I use GHS .10 Boomers now and I love 'em to death- they bend easily (yet don't break easily) and last a surprisingly long time. Plus they're way cheaper than Elixirs!

Just my two cents
i use the Gibson Bright Wire Vintage reissues ... i use them on my lep paul and epi sg and really like them ...

i've tried elixirs twice over the years convincing myself they were the way to go but i can't stand the feel of them ... the coating is just annoying to me ... and how how much anti-rust protection do you need on strings?
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