This amp has served me well for the last year or so but I need cash now more than this amp, so here it goes. This is the schpeel from UG's review:

"It combines great tones, killer looks and ease of use with the excitement of Fender DSP effects. It includes reverb, delay, chorus, flange, tremolo and more! And also it features the same legendary "dynamic" touch-sensitive response you expect from a Fender. With features like these, other amps can't touch it!"

The built in effects are more than adequate. Obviously not the same caliber as what you would get from a pedal, but a lot of fun all the same. Especially the delay. It's 30 watts, has two inputs, a headphone jack, an optional footswitch (which I never got around to buying) and the usual clean and drive channels. I've been using it exclusivley for hobbist playing in a non-smoking house, so its in tip top shape.

I'm looking for around $200 (CDN), or best offer. I'd prefer to sell it in person becuase I'm not really competant with paypal and money orders and all that jazz. I'm in the Greater Toronto Area, so anyone within the vicinity should drop me a line.
New price: $160 (CDN), or best offer. Also interested in pedal related trades.