As some of you may know, the Roland Cube 20X comes with effects on it like Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, and different distortion settings. Anyway, I was looking into getting a cheap wah pedal, but a friend of mine says I can't use pedals with the 20X. Is that true?
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i also heard it, but i dont think a wah will hurt it. maybe a distortion pedal or a digital delay or something, but i think a wah should be fine
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you CAN use pedals. they probably just wont sound as good as the models already in the cube.
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i used to ask myself the same question. then i used my wah and its sounds good. same with my distortion pedal. not the GREATEST tone but its still good.

just, my wah sounds like **** when used with distortion, but i guess thats just the way i have my eq and my pedal set up.
I have a roland 30x which is just a bigger version of what you have and it sounds fine to me when I use my distortion with it.
A wah pedal will be fine because it's no different to the tone knob on your guitar. However, and distortion or modulation effects will sound crap unless you use them on the clean channel.
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Yeah, a wah should be fine, but if you plan on using anything else (distortion or something) stick to the clean channel, but even with that it might not sound too great. My brother and I share his Digitech RPx400 Floor Processor, which has a wah effect and a bunch of distortion presets. If I'm using that (through my 30x) I just stick to the clean channel, put on a distortion preset, and if wanted, include the wah in the preset and then use the pedal that's on the processor. It works pretty well, but it can be cumbersome to use sometimes.
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you can use pedals but the modelling engine doesn't work well with them since it was designed to process a clean signal. however, all a wah pedal does is filter different frequencies depending on the tilt of the pedal so the signal is still clean - in any case, wah pedals work fine with modelling amps. Distortion pedals, on the other hand, sound awful because the modelling processor doesn't like crunched up signals.

if the amp has an FX loop, the chances are that it will be in after the modelling (which is usually in the preamp) so then modulation/ambient FX like chorus, phase, delay etc will work fine, but usually they'll be built in anyway. Other pedals that i'd imagine would work fine in front of the amp are compressors, EQs, etc, most things clean, however, not clean boosts - i've tried this, and it overloaded the modelling preamp and made the amp break up into horrible digital clipping which is worse than transistor clipping!
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