So I tried the Jaguar out in Guitar center, and I was really looking forward to trying it for numerous reasons. I only had it for a couple seconds, but what I noticed was that there was some kind of finish on the neck that made it harder to slide your hand on it. It made your hand stick to one place. Was I just not used to it and made a judgment after a couple seconds? Is this a common thing on the necks of jaguars/mustangs/jazzmasters? If I got a jaguar, would I get used to it? Any clarification would be great! Thanks
if you play it all the time you'll get used to it for sure
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i'm willing to bet the model you played had the maple fretboard, no? on those models, they use a clear coat finish on the whole neck to preserve the wood, and that may be what was making it sticky. try the rosewood fretboard ones, they're probably smoother.

and if you did play a rosewood one (i'm not actually sure if the jaguar comes in a maple model...) then i guess with time you'd be used to it anyway. also, since it was at guitar center, there was probably dried fat guy sweat all over the back of the neck. i think if it were clean it'd play better.

of course, these are all theories, i actually have no idea.
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You will get used to it and over time it wont feel as sticky.

thats what she said




****ING EW.

anyways, try it out again, mightve been just that one guitar. if youre thinking about spending the money on one of them, you might as well try it again, and for more than just a few seconds
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I own a Jaguar and I know what you mean. You lose that feeling really, really quick and I found that when I took a cloth to it it solved all of my problems. But when I bought it was definitely unnaturally sticky.
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