i know very little music theory and iam getting frustrated ive read several articles and lessons, many being from ug. and i just cant grasp the point. what should be the basic concept to help me further understand.

The major scale?
no no no no no. forget about the modes till later.

learn your chords, man. learn the movable major and minor scales, along with the blues scale/minor pentatonic. what do you know (as in, what chords and scales do you know) already? your best option is to take lessons.
I'd recomend finding a post by bangoodcharlote. They're all over the MT forum. In her sig there's a link to a great theory lesson that I highly recomend. But, don't sit down and read the entire thing in one sitting. It is split into sections for a reason, something most people just can't seem to get through their thick little skulls..... Anyways, read one section, and if you already understand it, then go on to the next one. If you don't understand it, then GO BACK AND REREAD IT. Once you think you understand it, GO BACK AND REREAD IT. See if any questions you have can be answered by the article.

Give it some time to sink in, perhaps go and grab your guitar and play around with what you just learned. Once you fully understand the section, then you can move on to the next one. DON'T RUSH YOURSELF!!! Learning theory takes time and patience, and it cannot be done in a single afternoon. It's going to take a while before everything seems to 'click', but it's well worth it once it does.

Happy learning!

Edit: Here's the link: http://ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/for_beginners/learning_music_theory_the_beginning.html
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To get into music theory I would suggest the Major Scale first. Don't bite off more than you can chew with modes, minors, pentatonics etc. The Major Scale is the foundation of tonal music theory. There is enough to learn about the major scale to go as slow or as fast as you need to keep yourself challenged.

These could correlate nicely with the link Iron Dude gave you

Read one section, then the same information but presented in a different manner in the others. Each link will give you something more, and hopefully it will click easier.
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