Somebody please help me! I borrowed my cousin's Ibanez PCM electric guitar, and I'm trying to restring it, but it has a FREAKING Floyd Rose Floating Bridge and I can't figure this thing out. I've looked at the FR sticky, and a lot of different websites, but I can't seem set this thing up right.

So i've got the strings and everything set up, and i'm just trying to tune it right now. The problem is that when I tune it, the bridge keeps getting pulled up by the string tension! so the bridge is like flying off at the end, but I keep hearing that it should be around parallel to the guitar.
So I went to the back of the guitar and tightened the screws all the way and rearranged the springs so that they would pull back the bridge with more force. But the strings still pull the bridge off the guitar! Please help if you could understand what I was saying! It's pretty hard to explain..
hahahaha very helpful but uhhm he doesn't play guitar anymore, i think. his guitar and amp were covered in dust when I got them, but anyways does that mean that I broke something?
Well..since you have no idea what your doing take it to a guitar shop and ask someone there to show you how to fix it.

And make sure you over exaggerate the sob story.
ahh there aren't any guitar shops where I am right now...
thanks though.
any more help out there?
get more springs, what gauge of strings are you using?

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My friend the most important tool when setting up a FR is patience (especially when it is your first time). I have been doing it for years and I still get frustrated some times. First off when you get the strings on and get it close to tune ,(dont worry about the level/parallelism of the bridge just yet), stretch the hell out of the strings. Then comes the see-saw game. Its a balancing act between the string tension and the spring tension. I typically tune the low e two steps sharp and work the rest. Dont lock the nut untill the bridge is parallel and the strings are close to tune. It takes time. Some times it takes me 1 hour to fully set up, especially if I change string gauge. I use a block now when I am changing strings of the same gauge, that speeds it up a bit. Dont get discouraged, its difficult but far from impossible.
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in case anyone looks at this thread in the future, and has the same problem that I had, it turns out that I was using Ernie Ball Extra slinky strings..
yeahh not very smart..

anyways i changed to d'arrio light guage .09-.42 strings, and it worked out perfectly. thanks for the help you guys!
I use slinkies on both my Floyd guitars and i never have a problem so I have no idea what you're on about.
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