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Yeah, it's interesting, and it's possible. However I don't know if it's entirely probable. A friend of mine was staying in Cobham for a school sports event. Early in the morning he heard planes flying overhead, he looked out and saw they had left trails, apparently he could still see them hours later when it had become fully light.

Personally I wouldn't put it past some of the world leaders to fuck us up in such a way, but until they have undeniable proof I'm not going to get too involved.
what we should do is look at footage of the olympics and see if theres lots of chemtrails up there. thatd be weird if there was like the ones shaped like x's and stuff.
but then again its china... might not exactly be able to see the sky
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This is actually the worst thought out conspiracy since David Icke's 'the royals are space lizards' idea.
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Looks like some asshole got around to editing the wiki page... but the incredible stupidity of the theory deserves it. No.

You can see the planes maing their condensation trails on a nice sunny day. After a while they spread out a little bit long after the plane has gone.

For a bit of a laugh, check out this lovely lady's vids.

I particularly recommend the one where the energy waves are rocking her house
OF course I do not condone the spamming of comments on these vids. I believe that can be a warnable offence here on UG.
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Possible? Yes. Likely to be true? No.
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there is no scientific evidence that they are anything but normal aircraft vapor trails consisting of water vapor and ice crystals.

I stopped reading there.
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I stopped reading there.

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The Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration published together a fact sheet to refute the rumors and to explain the science of contrail formation.

I stopped reading there.
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Your poll question is the wrong question to ask. Is it possible? Yes. Is it bullshit? Probably.

Long contrails have a better explanation than that they're created by some unknown (possibly harmful) chemical. (Namely that contrails occur under specific atmospheric conditions, and the length of the contrails depends on how large an area those conditions occur over, and how long they persist.)