I started practising sweeping recently and theres one thing that is really frustrating me. I can do the rolling technique correctly when performing a down stroke, ie rolling with the 3rd finger on say the 14th frets of the 5th and 4th strings.

However, when I come back up, I find that I have place to the pad of the finger bak on the 4th string, so I can roll it bak up to the 5th.

The problem is I get a really small but still quite annoying hammer sound from the 3rd string as I hav just hit the 13th fret on it, and the back of my finger just touches it.

I'm unwilling to go any faster until I can prevent this so its basically stopping me.

My question is, should i work on completely removing my 2nd finger from the 3rd string before I hit the 4th or should i work on tryin to place my 3rd finger more upright so the back of it does not hit the G string. Although i have tried that I find that its too hard to then roll bak onto the 5th string. I also thought of tryin to place the finger more gently so as to mute it and avoid the hammer.

Am I missing something entirely or am I on the right track?