Barriers fall down
In a total eclipse
Of my concious mind
I wish you were mine

Looks like accuracy has become opinion
I miss the chill of the summer evenings
I miss the chill of losing time
I miss the chill of my youth, sublime

I stand before you, open mouthed
I await my feeding and my caring for
Feed me fairtytales and fruitful labour
My grandfather's downstairs, reading the paper

I lay under the starlight
Under the influence
Under the cascade of eternity
The cycle of maternity

My life is a glorious pit of opportunity
Whether I seize it is my choice
Usually I pick to not
Staring in the mirror, eyes bloodshot

Teeth bared
Fists clenched
Eyes damp
Tomorrow, I will start again.
Quote by gorecore=me
is a bidet a type of crisp?
first verse didn't do justice to the rest of it.sortof boring,maybe its just coz its not being performed but apart from that its pretty mad.

used chill to much,but i guess it could work if you really blasted out those lines with heaps of energy 3rd 4th and 5th were definetly my fave they were powerful and raw it was good overall