ive tryed writing some songs but they turn out crap theyre always the same slow 1st verse only 4 lines in each verse and chorus and theyre always really cheesy can some1 give me tips i would like to write rock lyrics like foo fighters green day rhcp
Write about things you hate
and how you would smite your enemies
and how neaurotically insecure you are
Lyric writin can be hard to do, just find something that interests you, something that made you emotional, politcs=Punk, a lot of maiden's stuff is telling a story, Machine Head use Rob Flynn's life (American High) and real time events (Aesthetics Of Hate) etc.
Thats pretty much what I'd take a stab at, but with RHCP, i reckon it was the drugs :P
Just try not to be literal about things. Start reading some books, they will help and give you ideas probably. Nothing is more important than a good vocabulary and a wall of metaphors.
Every single writer is different.

They all approach things differently.

Post a piece, no matter how crappy it is, then we'll talk from there.

Baby steps, man.

Besides, it can't be any worse than anyone elses first piece. I gurantee you that if you take critisism with grace, you will learn much from it.
read thingz.
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The only way to get better at writing is to write - at least that's how I look at it. If you feel like you're at a block and everything sounds too similar I would recommend reading to give you new ideas, or to play word based games like Scrabble and Crossword Puzzles.

I suggest writing as often as you can, even if you think it sucks. Start reading, or going outside or being around a person you really like being around or something to try to find inspiration. I expect your lyrics will be terrible for a while, but that you will quickly learn why you don't like what you write and you'll challange yourself and get around that.
I used to do that 2. So i started looking at diffrent poem writing styles to brake it.

The chezeness your just going to have to find better insparation.


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